sun behind the clouds this Thursday

The day will be rather sunny this Thursday, May 12, but it will be necessary to deal with a cloudy veil. Temperatures, 19 to 24°.

In an atmosphere that is still very mild, the morning will take place under an often cloudy sky with a light wind. The temperatures, still cool in Mayenne with 4°. Elsewhere it’s more like 8 to 10°, 13° on the Ile d’Yeu and 12° in Les Sables-d’Olonne.

The sun will shine, but behind a veil of cloud. The temperatures will be very mild, from 19 to 24°.

A very pleasant day in perspective with lots of sun, and 24° in the afternoon

After a good start, sunny and summery with 28° during the day, the weather will turn stormy at the end of the afternoon.

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