Suddenly Kamala Harris Becomes ‘President of the US’, What’s Up Biden?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President of the United States (US) Joe Biden suddenly transferred his power to Vice President Kamala Harris, Friday (11/19/2021).

This made Kamala the first female ‘acting President’ Saturday (20/11/2021) and working in the West Wing of the White House, the US president’s work unit.

Biden even gave Harris a special letter. Biden, who is 79, will have to have his first annual routine physical since taking office and will be under anaesthesia.

“Today I will be undergoing a routine medical procedure that requires sedation. Given the current circumstances, I have decided to temporarily transfer the powers and duties of the office of the US President to the Vice President during the brief period of the procedure and his recovery,” Biden said in a statement. CNN International.

Harris has the authority as president for one hour and 25 minutes. This is also a routine thing that the vice president does when the president undergoes a medical procedure that requires anesthesia.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki also acknowledged the same thing. He also reported on Biden’s condition being treated at the Walter Reed military hospital.

“@POTUS (US President) spoke to @VP (Vice President) and @WHCOS at approximately 11:35 this morning. …He will remain at Walter Reed while he completes the remainder of his routine physical,” Spokesperson Jen Psaki tweeted.

Biden is the oldest first-term president in US history. Previously, the same thing had happened under George W. Bush, when Vice President Dick Cheney was granted presidential authority several times due to his routine colonoscopy.

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