Stuttering to the DPR, Insurance Victims: We Are Very Tired!


The insurance victim community AXA Mandiri, AIA, and Prudential came to Commission XI of the Indonesian House of Representatives for a hearing (RDP) for the financial services industry committee. The victims hope to get support from the legislature.

“Dear Gentlemen of Commission XI, I am Mrs. Maria Tri Hartati as coordinator of AIA, AXA Mandiri and Prudential insurance victims,” ​​said Maria when conveying her aspirations before Commission XI DPR RI, Monday (6/12/2021).

With all humility, he explained in the interest of the Indonesian people who had become victims of being plunged into insurance products under the guise of investment, pleading and urging that the problems they were experiencing were not only listened to.

“But we urge that the settlement be assisted and make changes and improvements to insurance in Indonesia,” he continued.

Maria emphasized that the arrival of the victims to the DPR Building was not to ask for compensation from the Council, nor to ask for compensation from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), whose representatives were also present in the RDP.

“I ask the DPR and the OJK to urge all insurance companies and the selling banks to take responsibility for everything that happens,” he said.

Then Maria began to stammer, her voice low as if she was holding back tears. He expressed his hope that the arrival of the victims would not end in vain.

“Hopefully our sacrifices will not be in vain that we have to come to Jakarta again and again. We are very tired, energy, mind, and material because we have never asked for a penny of money from the victims, I came here really only to seek justice and to improve insurance in Indonesia,” he said.

“Only the power of God is our mainstay. Hopefully insurance can return to its dignity and everything that happens can be accounted for,” added Maria.



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