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A study reveals that Cancer deaths have drastically reduced in the last 30 years. The American Cancer Society released its annual data report on this deadly disease in the middle of this week.

Revealing that overall cancer death rates fell 32% from their peak in 1991 to 2019. Although this reduction is largely due to the decrease in deaths caused by lung cancer.

The study found that people are living much longer after their lung cancer diagnosis “because more and more people are being diagnosed at an early stage of the disease,” the American Cancer Society said in a statement. of press.

“The accelerated reduction in the cancer death rate demonstrates that the power of prevention, detection, early diagnosis and treatment represent a powerful way to move closer to a world without cancer,” added the organization.

The decline in smoking in the United States has contributed to a reduction in cancer deaths

Another reason why the cancer mortality rate has been reduced is the drop in smoking in the United States.

Cancer caused by tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in that country, so it makes sense that the fewer smokers there are, the fewer deaths there will be from the type of cancer caused by tobacco.

However, this report did not take into account the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led many people to delay their regular medical visits, so it is likely that this has had some impact on the diagnosis and associated deaths. to cancer.

The study’s projections are based on cases diagnosed through 2018 and deaths through 2019. The cancer death rate also varies by race and socioeconomic status.

For example, black cancer patients have a lower five-year survival rate than white patients. Women also have the highest cancer mortality rate of any race.

Native Americans have the highest rate of liver cancer of any major racial/ethnic group in the United States—a risk that is twice that of whites.

The organization attributes the difference to “inequities in health, education, and global standards of living,” which stem from “discriminatory practices and historical and persistent racism” in society.

The American Cancer Society makes it clear that cancer remains one of the leading causes of death in the United States, after heart disease. However, the figures they have found are promising.

In addition, it points out that 42% of cancers are “highly preventable”, since they are generated by gaining weight, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity or poor nutrition.

Another study reveals that obesity can cause cancer

It is well known that obesity and being overweight increase the risk of developing tumours, although until now the reason for this was not known. In Norway, researchers at the University of Bergen have found that obesity-related lipids cause cancer cells to become more aggressive and more likely to form malignancies.

In this study, which was published in Nature Communications, it is detailed that the change of the environment where the cancer cell is found from a body with normal weight to another with overweight or obesity, pushes the cancer cell to adapt better, allowing the cells to malignant form the tumor.

“Being able to scientifically dissect how these two complicated diseases interact has been extremely exciting and rewarding,” said Associate Professor Nils Halberg, adding, “This new knowledge will enable researchers to create better treatments for cancer patients who are obese.” ”.

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