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Study indicates that the blood group could influence the development of severe symptoms by coronaviruses | Univision network News Health


A genetic analysis of patients with covid-19 published on Wednesday indicated that the blood group could influence whether someone develops severe symptoms of the disease.

The scientists compared the genes of thousands of patients in Europe they found that those with type A blood were more likely to develop a serious illnesswhile those with type O were less likely.

“Most of us discard it because it was a very crass,” said dr. Parameswaran Hari, a specialist in blood in the School of Medicine of Wisconsin, on the report of China. With the new job, “now I think,” he said. “It could be very important.”

However, other scientists urged caution.

Evidence that blood group has a role is “preliminary… it is not a signal enough to be safe”said doctor Eric Topol, director of Scripps Research Translational Institute in San Diego.

The study, which involved scientists from Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and other nations, compared around 2,000 patients with severe symptoms of covid-19, with several thousands of people who were healthy, developed mild symptoms of the disease or were asymptomatic. The researchers linked the variations of six genes with the likelihood of severe symptoms, including some that might have a role in the vulnerability of people to the virus. Also linked to the blood groups to possible risks.

The majority of genetic studies like this one are much more large, so it would be important to see if other scientists can review other groups of patients to see if they are the same links, said Topol.

Many researchers have searched for clues around why some people who are infected with the coronavirus was sick of gravity and the other not so much. Be higher or to be a man seems to increase the risk, and scientists have examined the genes as another possible factor that influences the severity of the disease.

People with blood type O are more able to recognize certain proteins as foreign and that can be extended to proteins on the surface of the virusexplained Hari.

During the outbreak of SARS, the severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by a cousin gene of the coronavirus that caused the current pandemic, “we observed that people with blood type Or was less prone to develop serious symptoms”added.

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