Health Study in the fight against Covid-19 is a "breakthrough"

Study in the fight against Covid-19 is a “breakthrough”


Geneva (dpa) – The world health organization (WHO) has welcomed the preliminary findings of a British study of a drug for the lung disease Covid-19 as a breakthrough.

In the case of the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone was the first agent that the mortality of Covid-19-reduce patients who were dependent on oxygen or ventilators, said the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of a message according to.

“This is great news,” said Tedros accordingly. “I congratulate the government of the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford, as well as the many hospitals and patients in the United Kingdom, who have contributed to this life-saving scientific breakthrough.”

The preliminary results, as yet unpublished clinical study indicates that dexamethasone could reduce the mortality rate in severe Covid-19-gradients. Patients were artificially ventilated, and the drug received, the mortality rate decreased by one-third, as the spring, leading scientists from Oxford University reported in a press release. The results of the “Recovery”study, but has not been previously reviewed by other experts.

In the study, scientists investigate the Suitability of already approved drugs as a means of counter-Covid-19. In total, more than 11,500 patients from over 175 clinics in the UK are reported to be included in the study. The dexamethasone part of the study included, therefore, 2104 patients were given for ten days once a day 6 milligrams of dexamethasone. 4321 patients served as a control group.

The mortality rate after 28 days was below the artificially ventilated patients is the highest. It was without dexamethasone treatment at 41 percent. In the experimental group, it decreased by a third. In the case of the patient, the oxygen got, but not artificially ventilated, it decreased by a fifth. In the patients, which required no oxygen, showed the treatment to have no effect.

Based on the Numbers would be prevented in the treatment of eight seriously ill Covid-19 patients by dexamethasone-a case of death, it said. The drug is commonly used as anti-inflammatory agents, including inflammation of the skin and joints.


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