Study: Covid-19 Patients Are No Longer Infectious After 5 Days of Isolation

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Later, all those who were infected or exposed corona virus Covid-19 recommended self isolation 10 days. Because, after those 10 days Covid-19 patient the risk of transmitting the corona virus is low.

However, new research has found that patients are no longer infectious corona virus Covid-19 after 5 days self isolation. A study from the University of Oxford found patients had only a 2 percent risk of transmitting the virus after 5 to 10 days of isolation.

Pathogen Dynamics Group found 4 out of 10 infections corona virus Covid-19 confirmed before symptoms became apparent, in which 35 percent of cases were identified within 2 days of the first appearance of symptoms.

Another group of experts at the University of St Andrews found the case corona virus Covid-19 before the appearance of symptoms. Then, they found that the patients were at the highest risk of transmitting the virus after the first 5 days.

This means that the first 5 days since the appearance of the symptoms of the corona virus is the most likely point of transmission. Dr Muge Cevik, clinical lecturer in infectious diseases and medical virology at the university, said most cases of transmission corona virus Covid-19 occurs very early and the isolation period can be much shorter in such cases.

“The viral load peaks quite quickly, so people are highly contagious in the first few days. So the current self-isolation guidelines don’t work to prevent transmission of the coronavirus,” Dr Cevik said.

Since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic until December 2020, everyone who is positive corona virus Covid-19 ordered to isolate and not leave the house for 2 weeks.

Then, the rule for the length of the isolation period was cut to 10 days. Because, Covid-19 patient are said to be no longer at risk of transmitting the virus during that time period.

The rules come after the NHS urged everyone to do self isolation after exposure Covid-19 patient to reduce the number of social contacts.

But now, everyone who is exposed Covid-19 patient and have a negative Covid-19 test result, it is still recommended to do self isolation only for 5 days. This step is a way to prevent wider transmission of the corona virus.


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