Stowaway found in nose wheel cargo plane from South Africa

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee found a man at Schiphol this morning in a nose wheel of a cargo plane from South Africa. The service announces this on social media.

The man survived the approximately 11-hour flight. According to the Marechaussee, he is doing well “under the circumstances”.

The man’s body temperature was raised on site, a spokesman for the Marechaussee said. When the ambulance was about to leave, the man was able to answer basic questions again. He was taken to hospital for further check-ups. A lot is still unclear about the flight.

Stowaways often do not survive their journey. According to the American aviation regulator FAA, there are 129 known cases of stowaways hiding in airplanes worldwide until last year. One hundred did not survive, American writes media; about 78 percent.

It is therefore a “miracle” that this man is doing well under the circumstances, writes an aviation journalist Twitter.

The Marechaussee is investigating the case.

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