Storm Ida: huge damage in New York and New Jersey

First there was a creak, then a gigantic wave and the muffled cries of the trapped inhabitants. For 48 hours, in New Jersey, amateur images have shown the violence of a storm which, in its path, devastated everything. With this tornado sometimes filmed up close.

Out of 47 victims, thirteen lived in New York, in the basement, in these famous “basements” transformed into housing. Often illegally and this time become deadly traps. This young woman is one of the survivors, but she lost everything. “Washing machine, dryer … everything is to be thrown away. The smell is unbearable”, she confides.

In New York, the streets are unrecognizable. Unheard of since 2012 and the last storm, say residents. Historic flooding in New York and Philadelphia too. One of the city’s main bridges has been literally submerged, as this local journalist explains. In New York and New Jersey, the worst-affected states, a state of emergency has been declared.

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