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Stores and businesses in New York may deny access to customers without a mask: Cuomo | Univision 41 New York WXTV


NY. – New York stores and businesses will now have the legal right to deny entry to people who do not wear masks or face protection, the Governor announced Thursday. Andrew Cuomo.

The governor said he would sign the executive order to enforce the measure that many businesses already employ on their own.

“The store owner has the right to protect himself. That store owner has the right to protect the other customers of the store,” he added.

Furthermore, the governor said the focus will now be on reopening New York City when “it’s safe.”

Hospitalizations and intensive care cases fell once again at the state level, while the number of daily deaths remained fixed at 74 for the second consecutive day.

Local celebrities join the fight against the coronavirus

Actors Chris Rock and Rosie Pérez joined the governor in his report Thursday to motivate New Yorkers to abide by joining in the prevention of the coronavirus.

Rock and Pérez, both New York natives, announced that they will participate in an awareness campaign to encourage people to wear masks and follow the rules of social distance, among other prevention measures.

Pérez made a special appeal to the Latino community, which has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus in New York City.

“My people, wear a mask please. This is not a joke, it is not a hoax,” said Pérez.

Useful information about coronavirus:

▪ If you belong to a vulnerable health group, please stay home.
▪ If you have traveled out of the country, please call 3-1-1 to find information on the need for a voluntary quarantine.
▪ Call 3-1-1 if you have symptoms of covid-19, such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath, and other breathing-related problems.
▪ Community members with urgent needs or symptoms of covid-19 in New York can call 1-888-364-3065 to find information and a phone book.
▪ If you are over 65 and need assistance with special questions and resources, please contact 1-888-364-3065.
▪ More information about the tests here.
▪ More information published by Univision about the covid-19 is available here.

Articles of interest:

May 27

The governor Andrew Cuomo spoke this Wednesday of his meeting with the president Donald trump yesterday at the White House, where revival plans were discussed.

The focus was on large infrastructure projects, which Cuomo said will be key to boosting the New York economy after it reopens.

“It was about how to overload the reopening, especially in New York, which has been hit hardest.” the governor said in his daily report.

Among the projects discussed is the famous “Gateway” program – a Hudson River rail infrastructure project that has been stalled for years by the federal government – the expansion of the Second Avenue subway, as well as an AirTrain that connects the public transport system with La Guardia airport.

According to Cuomo, some of these projects to repair the country’s old roads and bridges have been necessary for decades. He said that the coronavirus crisis is the perfect opportunity to activate them and at the same time help the economy.

“We continue to live in the infrastructure built by our grandparents, not even our parents,” said Cuomo.

Most projects need funding from the federal government, so Cuomo asked Trump to help speed up his approval.

“If he gives us the green light, it won’t be years of discussion,” Cuomo said. “I have a shovel in my car, we can start this afternoon.”

Once again, Cuomo urged the federal government to put aside political differences and pass a stimulus bill to help state and local governments that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. He said there can be no recovery if states do not receive aid.

Hospitalizations and intensive care cases continued their decline this Wednesday in New York State. Deaths remained relatively stable, rising from 73 to 74 on the last day.

May 26

Hospitalizations for coronavirus in New York fell to their lowest level since the pandemic began, the governor announced Tuesday. Andrew Cuomo.

Deaths also continued to decline with 73 deaths reported on Tuesday, according to figures released by the state. This is the lowest daily figure since 56 deaths were reported on March 23.

“In this absurd new reality, that’s good news,” said Cuomo. “Any time and place we lose 73 New Yorkers, it’s tragic.

Cuomo noted that the number of new coronavirus cases has dropped to the lowest level since monitoring began.

During the peak of infections in April, the average daily number of hospitalizations was over 3,000. Since the pandemic began, 23,561 coronavirus deaths have been reported in New York State.

On the other hand, the governor announced that the Long Island region will start the first phase of reopening this Wednesday, while Mid-Hudson has already started from today. Cuomo said the focus now will be to “monitor” the reopening and “overload” the economy.

In New York City, where the reopening is projected in June, Cuomo said the plan is to “attack the virus at the source,” monitoring data from each ZIP code and focusing on the worst-affected areas, where he explains that the infection rate is as high as 40%.

May 25

On Monday, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, celebrated a Memorial Day tribute in New York City.

Cuomo held his daily report on the USS Intrepid, which will hold its annual Remembrance Day ceremony on Monday, but only online.

The governor said that fallen soldiers are like New York’s front line workers fighting the coronavirus. He called them the “heroes” of today.

New York state reported 96 new deaths on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 23,487. It is the second time in a week that the number of daily deaths falls below 100.

Despite approaching the requirements, the Staten Island region will not be able to reopen on its own because it is part of New York City, the governor said.

Furthermore, Cuomo indicated that state and local governments will pay benefits to essential government employees who died of the coronavirus during the pandemic. They include health workers, police officers, firefighters, public transportation workers, and emergency medical workers.

Cuomo said the federal government must remunerate essential workers who helped keep states and municipalities operating during the outbreak.

“We want to make sure we remember them, and we thank our heroes today, and they are all around us,” Cuomo said Monday.

It is final, New York is in the reopening phase: Cuomo

May 24 – The governor Andrew Cuomo He said Sunday that New York is “definitely in the reopening phase,” reiterating both Long Island and the Mild Hudson region will be able to begin the first phase of reopening next week, after more than two months of being on hiatus to contain the outbreak. of coronavirus.

“We just have to be smart,” said Governor Cuomo.

The Long Island region could open on Wednesday, the governor said, adding that the MTA is preparing the transportation system for this to happen. He said that trains, stations and buses will be disinfected daily. In addition, he stated that the use of masks will be required in transportation.

The Mid-Hudson region, meanwhile – encompassing Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties – may reopen Tuesday. Cuomo said both areas should increase their contact tracker training.

The president said that the state’s professional sports leagues will be able to carry out outdoor training, as long as they follow the appropriate health protocols.

He also announced that veterinarians can continue their services starting Tuesday.

Furthermore, the state recorded 109 COVID-19 deaths this Sunday, an increase from previous days.

May 23

The governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday that Long Island and Mild Hudson will be the next regions to become active after more than two months of being on hiatus to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

During his daily report on the pandemic, the governor explained that both regions will enter the reopening process if the death figures continue to decrease and online cases are tracked.

The coronavirus crisis in New York started 83 days ago. Westchester County, in Mid-Hudson, at that time became a critical area for the number of cases it reported.

“Both regions could reopen this week. In anticipation of that, we will allow the staging of construction: construction enters phase one, “said the governor.

“Before construction can begin (to operate), there must be a stage, construction and materials must be on site,” he added.

Cuomo also noted that federal assistance to local small businesses has been cut short because aid funds were depleted.

“They are 90% of New York businesses and they face the toughest challenges. The economic projections for small businesses are really scary,” he said.

The governor commented that more than 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed since the pandemic.

“Many small businesses just don’t have the staying power to continue paying all the fixed costs when they don’t have any income,” he said.

The governor added that companies owned by minority communities face “much greater risk” and have received “less in federal aid.”

May 20

While New York State shows signs of progress with the containment of the coronavirus, poor neighborhoods seem to be getting worse, governor announced Wednesday Andrew Cuomo.

According to new figures released by the state, there were a high number of positive cases recorded on antibody tests in poor communities, mostly African American and Latino. Not only this, but it continues to spread in these communities.

The Bronx would be the New York County with the highest number of antibody positive cases, people who have been infected with the virus and have recovered. Cuomo stressed that this number is higher than the city average.

According to the results of the tests, carried out in community churches, the Morrisania neighborhood would be the most affected with 43% of positive cases. It should be noted that more than half of those infected are Hispanic.

Antibody test results:

Positive cases: 43%
Breakdown by ethnicity: African Americans – 42%, Latinos – 56%
Hospitalization rate: 3.26 / 100,000

Positive cases: 41%
Hospitalization rate: 3.26 / 100,000
Breakdown by ethnicity: African Americans – 80%, Latinos – 16%

Positive cases: 35%
Breakdown by ethnicity: African American 38%, Latino 14%
Hospitalization rate: 2.94 / 100,000

Cuomo said the state will develop specific strategies for affected communities.

Northwell Health will expand access to church testing to 44 and SOMOS will open 28 testing sites, with a focus on public housing settings like NYCHA.

In addition, Cuomo said that efforts to educate about social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE) would be expanded, and that they would also offer disinfectant in these places.

Moreover, the governor announced that hospitalizations and intensive care cases (ICU) have decreased in the state, but deaths increased to 112 since yesterday.

May 19

The governor Andrew Cuomo announced that in the next two weeks, several state hospitals will begin to allow visits as long as the necessary precautions are taken to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

The governor said Tuesday that people who want to visit their sick family members should wear the necessary protective equipment (PPE) and undergo a temperature check.

Visits have been almost completely banned in state hospitals since March 18, following a government order.

Because hospitalizations and other indicators have been in steady decline, the governor said a pilot program will be implemented to allow admission of visitors to 16 state hospitals, 9 of them in New York City.

On the other hand, the governor announced that the state capital, Albany, will be able to continue with the first phase of reopening starting Wednesday morning.

In addition, the governor said meetings of 10 or fewer will be permitted on Remembrance Day.

The state reported another 105 deaths from the coronavirus on Tuesday, a decrease from the 106 reported yesterday.

May 18

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that he has tested negative for the coronavirus.

The president did the test during his press conference on Sunday, to demonstrate how simple the process is. Cuomo said he wants more New Yorkers to be tested.

So far, New York has the ability to run up to 15,000 tests a day, but has only been running about 5,000.

“There is no reason why someone should not be tested,” Cuomo said in his report Monday.

On the other hand, this Monday 106 new deaths from coronavirus were reported. Key indicators of hospitalizations and intensive care cases continue to decline.

Another New York region meets criteria for reopening

Governor Cuomo announced that western New York will enter phase 1 of reopening on Tuesday after identifying more than 500 contact trackers. It would be the sixth region in the state to do so.

This Sunday, the governor announced that the capital could also begin the reopening process, when it ensures an indicated number of trackers and personnel to carry out tests.

They will be able to summarize sporting events without spectators

Cuomo urged New York’s professional sports leaders to create an opening plan that does not involve the presence of spectators.

He said he wants people to be able to see his favorite New York teams, but only from home.


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