Stopped Operating, These 6 Blackberry Series Were Viral At The Time!

Who doesn’t know WL famous at this time? Yes, BlackBerry, which had become a flagship phone in 2010 to 2015’s recently announced to discontinue its entire operating system due to the company’s transformation that will be carried out. This was revealed through the page QnA BlackBerry on Thursday (4/1/2022).

The resilience of the BlackBerry company deserves thumbs up in the face of digitalization that is happening. Then, what are the BlackBerry mobile phone series that are most in demand by the public at that time? Here’s the explanation.

1. BlackBerry Curve

WL This series is the first BlackBerry series to appear in Indonesia. Its presence makes the public’s euphoria in the transformation of mobile phones more real and even makes them willing to flock to import these phones from abroad. This Curve series comes with a rectangular mobile design that is equipped with features trackball and other innovations such as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

2. BlackBerry Gemini

The transformation of forms and features is also always updated by BlackBerry. After its fame in the Curve series, BlackBerry is back with a new and more ergonomic design, the Gemini series.

Inspired by the previous series, this Gemini series is intended for beginners because of its simple design compact and light as well user friendly. The only difference is the features trackpad different from the previous series.

3. BlackBerry Torch

After successfully touching the beginner market, BlackBerry also presents a more professional series of mobile phones with advanced technology touchscreen. The Torch series also opened up a wider BlackBerry market so that it became one of the people’s favorite mobile phone series in its era. The sophistication of this series is also equipped with technology. flip so users can have use keyboard or touchscreen just.

4. BlackBerry Dakota

BlackBerry innovation does not stop there. Seeing the enthusiasm of the world community with technology double function Meanwhile, BlackBerry also released the Dakota series by touching the upper middle market. The price and features that are commensurate with this type are often used as god phones with better specifications than the previous series.

5. BlackBerry Bellagio

This Bellagio series is often called the Dakota clone series, but with a more economical price and a contemporary design for its time. This series is often used by young people who want to have a modern cellphone but don’t want it to be too rigid.

6. BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm is also a modification of the Torch series. If the Torch series is equipped with keyboard and features flip, This Storm series comes only with technology touchscreen without keyboard physique. This series has been circulating since 2008, but has only been known by the public since 2010 at the same time as the entry of another BlackBerry series in Indonesia.

That’s the BlackBerry’s six series hits in his era. Although it has stopped operating, BlackBerry has already made history as the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the early 21st century. Hopefully, BlackBerry’s innovations have been able to inspire other companies!


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