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Vienna Stock Exchange chat # 5: Erste / Caixa, startup300 challenge, flute playing, KISS
Team drajc, these are the stock exchange social network owners Christian Drastil and Josef Chladek, chatting again in “Wiener Börse Plausch # 5” about current events in Vienna. Today’s episode is in an unusual setup, because dra was not able to go into the studio due to its construction site, so a web tool was used for the chat. Wendelin Chladek refined the drajc jingle with the flute. The stock market is about Caixa / Erste and above all about the difficult constellation of startup300, which concerns the MTF listing. In addition: Why the DAX would almost have been called KISS. Playlist Team drajc: Risk notice: The thoughts published here are neither to be understood as a recommendation nor as an offer or a request to buy or sell financial instruments and should not be understood as such . They merely represent the personal opinion of the podcast maker. Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital.
The podcast for young investors of all ages (00:20:01), 10/22

Intershop, JENOPTIK as well as humans and machines.
Today it’s about the shares of Intershop, JENOPTIK and Mensch und Maschine.
Hot Bets – the podcast about hot stocks (00:04:33), 10/22

Market report Fri. 10/22/2021 – ETF helps Bitcoin, Evergrande helps the DAX, Dirk Müller warns of China
The story of shortages and delivery bottlenecks continues. The latest reports indicate a shortage of aluminum and magnesium. Natural gas could become scarce next. Missing components also put a strain on Intel. Sales were up 5% to $ 18.1 billion, but the market was expecting more. The course is falling in double digits. With us, Continental came up with another profit warning. Here, too, the fault is the lack of components. According to preliminary figures, sales in Q3 fell by 7.4% to EUR 8.04 billion, and the adjusted operating margin of 5.2% is 3.2 percentage points below the previous year. For the year as a whole, the margin should be 5.2 to 5.6%, worse than previously forecast. However, the share even rises slightly, and the news does not come as a surprise to the market. On the contrary: for a short time the share moves to the top of the DAX. At the close of the stock exchange, the VW share was up 2.2%, the other carmakers and auto-related shares also rose, Infineon +1.8%, BMW +1.7%, Porsche, Daimler and Conti also among the winners . DAX losers were Airbus and Zalando with -1.5% each, Delivery Hero in the bottom with -3.7%. The DAX rose + 0.5% to 15,542 points. The ATX in Vienna rose + 0.3% to 3,779 points, the ATX total return to 7,624 points. On Wall Street, sentiment was a bit cautious, with weak Snap numbers dropping the stock and dragging other technology stocks into the red as well. Positive signals came from China, of all things, from the ailing real estate company Evergrande, which surprisingly made an interest payment due today and thus initially postponed an insolvency. This news is probably one of the main reasons that our mood remained good despite all the stress factors. Hear about Bitcoin and the new Bitcoin ETF crypto expert Timo Emden from IG, about the danger from the Chinese real estate sector fund manager Dirk Müller, about the resignation of Jens Weidmann from the Bundesbank head Andreas Scholz from the dfv Euro Finance Group, about the oil price a discussion with Andrey Wolfsbein by Freedom Finance and oil expert Otto Wiesmann and, on the definition of sustainability, General Director Klaus Kumpfmüller from Hypo Oberösterreich.
Börsenradio to go market report (00:21:34), 23.10.

Tesla Analysis: Why Elon Musk breaks records despite a lack of chips / Evergrande Update
Tesla experiences a new share all-time high and record numbers in the third quarter – why the automaker remains successful despite the lack of semiconductors. The share of the electric car manufacturer Tesla reached a new all-time high this Friday: In less than twelve months it has grown from just under 350 euros to almost 800 euros. And Tesla is also in the fast lane when it comes to quarterly figures: while other factories are at a standstill, the electric car manufacturer is reporting record figures. And this despite the fact that due to the acute global shortage of chips, an important component for the driving ability of e-cars is missing. In this regard, Tesla has exceeded investor expectations. Professor Stefan Bratzel, founder and director of the independent research institute Center of Automotive Management, gives a detailed analysis of how the car manufacturer was able to outperform other manufacturers in dealing with logistical bottlenecks and software. The exclusive subscription offer for you as a Handelsblatt Today listener: If you have any comments, questions, criticism or praise about this episode, please email us at today @ handelsblatt .com.
Handelsblatt Today (00:25:37), 23.10.

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