Still no brake on increase in corona infections and hospital admissions

The number of new hospital admissions and infections due to COVID-19 continues to increase. The number of deaths is also increasing. But there is also good news: the number of patients in intensive care is falling by 11 percent. This is evident from the dashboard of health institute Sciensano on Saturday morning.

Laurence TorckSource: BELGIAN

In the past week, an average of 271.6 corona patients were admitted to Belgian hospitals every day. That is an increase of 43 percent compared to the previous week. In total, there are now 2,851 patients with COVID-19 in hospital (+35 percent), of which 364 require intensive care (-11 percent).

Between January 12 and 18, an average of 35,975 new infections were registered daily, an increase of no less than 49 percent compared to the previous seven-day period. The positivity ratio was 39.1 percent, which is an increase of 10 percent. The reproduction number, according to Sciensano’s dashboard, is 1.29.

The number of deaths also continues to rise. Between 12 and 18 January, an average of 22 people lost their lives every day, an increase of 10 percent. The counter in our country now comes to 28,780 COVID-19 deaths.

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