Still increases for gasoline, average price at € 1,759

The prices charged for fuel on the network are still rising. Over the weekend, the companies left their recommended prices unchanged, but the effects of the increases decided in recent days are being felt in the area. Based on the processing by Quotidiano Energia of the data at 8 am yesterday communicated by the operators to the Fuel Price Observatory of the Mise, the national average price of petrol, in self mode, grows to 1,759 euro / liter (Friday 1,750), with the different brands between 1,751 and 1,777 eur o / liter (no logo 1,738). The average price of diesel, still self, rises to 1,628 euros / liter (Friday 1,618) with companies positioned between 1,624 and 1,642 euros / liter (no logo 1,612).

As for the service, for petrol the average price charged increases to 1,892 euros / liter (Friday 1,885) while the average diesel served rises to 1,766 euros / liter (Friday 1,758).

The prices charged for LPG range from 0.820 to 0.837 euros / liter (no logo 0.815). Finally, the average price of natural gas for cars shows ups and downs and is positioned between 1.802 and 1.995 (no logo 1.745), with both values ​​falling.

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