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Munich (ots) – The Adler Mannheim are in attack mode at the MagentaSport Cup. Marc Michaelis announced after the 4-2 draw against Schwenninger Wild Wings: “We still have three games ahead of us and we still have enough energy in our legs to go full throttle.” Competitor EHC Red Bull Munich is 0: 2 deficit against the Berliner Eisbären and wins 3: 2 in overtime.

The following are the votes for the weekend games of the Magenta Sport Cup – if using, please name the source MagentaSport. On Tuesday the series will be continued with the game Düsseldorfer EG – Krefeld Pinguine – from 7.15 pm live on MagentaSport.

Adler Mannheim – Schwenninger Wild Wings 4: 2

“Man of the Match” Marc Michaelis (Adler Mannheim) on the home win against Schwenningen: “It was not an easy game. We made a little too many individual mistakes. But that was the case on both sides. It was a chaotic game.”

Mannheim’s Marc Michaelis with a declaration of war for the remaining games: “We still have three games to go and we still have enough energy in our legs to go full throttle.”

Schwenningen’s Benedikt Brückner: “We actually played well again and punished ourselves with the penalties. We took far too many penalties – including me. Then you will not get into the flow of the game. We played along and created opportunities through our speed were actually on the trigger. ”

EHC Red Bull Munich – Eisbären Berlin 3: 2 OT

“Man of the Match” Christopher Bourque from EHC Red Bull Munich: “We had a good meeting before the last third. Don (Jackson, coach EHC Red Bull Munich, editor’s note) told us what to do to be successful. Simply, play with more passion and choose better moves. We did that in the third section. (…) We performed when it mattered. ”

Berlin’s Parker Tuomie: “It’s bitter. I think we really stepped on the gas in the first two thirds. Munich is a strong team and we had that really well under control. In the last third – I don’t know – we might lack experience , the serenity. Of course there was a rather unfortunate penalty at the end. But I think that there were two games (against Adler Mannheim and EHC Red Bull Munich, editor’s note) that you can build on. ”

Ice hockey LIVE at MagentaSport this week:

Magenta Sport Cup:

Tuesday, November 24th:

From 7.15 p.m .: Düsseldorfer EG – Krefeld Pinguine

Wednesday, November 25th:

From 7.15 p.m .: EHC Red Bull Munich – Adler Mannheim

Thursday, November 26th:

From 7.15 p.m .: Schwenninger Wild Wings – Eisbären Berlin

Friday, November 27th:

from 7.15 p.m .: Krefeld Penguins – Fishtown Pinguins Bremerhaven

Saturday, November 28th:

From 4.45 p.m .: Düsseldorfer EG – Grizzlys Wolfsburg

Sunday, November 29th:

From 13.45: Schwenninger Wild Wings – EHC Red Bull Munich

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