Stian Blipp, Cirque du blipp

A little over a year ago it became known that comedian Stian Blipp (31) was to drop his role as host of “Senkveld”, after he took over the popular talk show on TV 2 in 2018 together with Helene Olafsen (31).

At the time, the 31-year-old told Nettavisen that he wanted to focus on his own work, namely the brand new stand-up show “Cirque du Blipp”.

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Wednesday night was the stage for the premiere of the comedian’s first solo show at Latter, where several famous faces, among others former Prime Minister Erna Solberg (60), was present to witness the Bergen native’s solo debut.

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The former talk show host has made a name for himself in mastering most aspects of entertainment, and is known for his talent as a presenter, dancer, beatboxer and comedian.

But despite the fact that he is apparently a born entertainer, Blipp does not hide that he feels on his nerves after a long break from the stand-up scene. He told Nettavisen when the premiere of Latter was over on Wednesday night.

– It is very strange there to be on a stage. I get nauseous and unwell, especially when it’s premiere day, the 31-year-old reveals to Nettavisen.

Blipp has many years of experience with stage shows, but says that it is unusual to be on stage after a long break. The comedian premiered on the show in Bergen earlier this autumn, but had to postpone the premiere in the capital due to strict corona measures.

Now it was finally possible, and the nerves were in place.

– I have been on a stage for 16-17 years, but every time it goes on for a while it is always a little special to be there again, he says to Nettavisen.

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Trying to calm the nerves

The thought that he is not good enough or has lost his sense of humor are uncertainties that appeared for Blipp before he went on stage again.

– To calm my nerves, I try to pretend that there is no premiere by doing all sorts of ordinary everyday activities, such as going to the grocery store and shopping, the comedian explains.

For the past decade, the 31-year-old has been watching all of Norway’s TV screens as a presenter in «Norwegian Talents» and «Idol», in addition he had his own TV program «Stian Blipp Show» where he interviewed in free and playful expression famous guests and people with exciting stories.

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Wants to stand for his own work

As mentioned, Blipp and Olafsen took over “Senkveld” after Thomas Numme (51) and Harald Rønneberg (48) in 2018. At that time, they had led the program for a full 15 years, a total of 30 seasons.

Despite the fact that the 31-year-old gave up the role of talk show host barely three years later, it will hopefully hardly be the last thing we see of the comedian on TV. However, he reveals to Nettavisen that if it happens, it is in connection with a concept he has created himself.

– I think it would be difficult for me to go back as a host or a presenter for something that already exists, he points out.

– If I am going to make TV, it must be in connection with a concept I had made myself and want to show to people, he adds.

Busy year

It has been busy for Blipp the last year, as the planning and preparations for “Cirque du Blipp” with a pandemic in mind have not been the only thing that has happened.

In addition to debuting with his own stand-up show, the comedian shared the good news in October that his wife, Jamina Blipp (33), had given birth and that he had thus become a father again. Thus, the comedian is now the father of two children.

«Welcome, little tjommi», Blipp wrote on Instagram at the time.

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