Stars buy a disused ferry in New York to transform it into a place of culture

the John F. Kennedy provided the Manhattan-Staten Island link since 1965. It has just been bought by comedian Pete Davidson and actor Colin Jost who wants to make it a performance hall.

The orange ferry, which since 1965 has provided the connection between Manhattan and Staten Island, a New York institution, was bought on Wednesday by several American personalities in order to be transformed into a cultural place. Retired from the fleet in August, the ship will give itself a new lease of life.

baptized John F. Kennedy, the 57-year-old ferry offered an exceptional view of the Statue of Liberty during the crossing of the Hudson River. Disarmed, it was bought on Wednesday by real estate agent Paul Italia, owner of the comedy club The Stand, located on Union Square in Manhattan, near Broadway. Two other investors, known to the general public for their participation in l’émission Saturday Night Live broadcast on NBC, are also part of the project: comedian Pete Davidson and actor Colin Jost, husband of Scarlett Johansson.

The investors are championing a heritage preservation project that will breathe new life into the ship by transforming it into a “live performance space with stand-up, music, art and food“, according to Paul Italia at New York Times . «Everyone who gathered about this has a sincere motive“, assures the real estate agent, specifying that the orange ship “holds a special place in the heartof his two associates. As proof, Colin Jost tells in his memoirs A Very Punchable Face, that he took the ferry to high school in Manhattan. Pete Davidson, the current companion of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, is a native of the neighborhood and still lives there.

The city’s Department of Transportation spokesman, Vincent Barone, explained that this ferry is the oldest in New York’s fleet and has remained popular with its users since its inception since, with its wide decks, it carried approximately 3500 people and walking around on board explains the New York Times . The city’s administrative services department put the ferry up for auction this month with a bid of $125,000. It was acquired by investors for more than double: 280,100 dollars. According to the auction site, the boat is sold “tel that“and there”where is heor anchored at the St George terminal along the north shore of Staten Island. Investors now have two weeks to move the ferry, which is still 85 meters long and 20 wide, for 2100 tons. Faced with the magnitude of the costs, from towing to restoration work, Paul Italia asked for help from the city and state of New York. “We are going to need considerable support to achieve this. It’s a heavyweight», assures the investor.

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