Star of Ordinace Jirešová at the TV Nova party: For the first time with a new guy!

A tall handsome man in a cap was waiting for her in front of the Forum Karlín building, where the party took place. “Yes, he is my friend Paul. We have been together for a long time and I would not discuss it further, “she confirmed to the daily Aha! Jirešová. “I wanted to take him with me, but I only got an invitation for one, so I went alone and had fun with my colleagues,” she added.

Ivana Jirešová in love: First vacation with a new friend!

Although the actress has been suggesting for some time that she was married, she still hid her partner. The actress’ daughter Sofia (17) is already a teenage girl who has decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and is studying at the Prague Conservatory, so Ivan’s mother has plenty of time for her privacy. With a new partner, they have had a holiday together in Egypt, where they not only dived.

Ivana Jirešová admitted: My daughter didn’t give me a choice and she looked up!

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