Standings of Group A Men’s Soccer SEA Games 2021 Ends Indonesia U-23 vs Philippines National Team Match: Young Garuda Leads Standings! : Okezone Ball

STANDING Group A men’s football SEA Games 2021 finished the game Indonesian National Team U-23 vs the Philippines U-23 national team is known. As a result, the U-23 Indonesian National Team temporarily climbed to the top of the 2021 SEA Games Men’s Football Group A standings with a collection of six points!

The collection of six points for the Indonesian U-23 National Team is exactly the same as the Myanmar U-23 National Team in second position. However, the Garuda Muda squad – the nickname of the U-23 Indonesian National Team – has the right to be at the top because it has a superior goal difference of +4 compared to +2 belonging to the Myanmar U-23 National Team.

However, the U-23 Indonesian National Team played more matches than the U-23 Myanmar National Team. When the U-23 Indonesian National Team has played three matches, Myanmar has only undergone two matches.

The new plan tonight, Myanmar undergo their third match. Myanmar will be challenged by the host Vietnam, which now occupies the third position in the standings with a collection of four points.

Just like Myanmar, Vietnam has also only undergone two matches. So, the team that wins the Myanmar vs Vietnam match will rise to the top of the 2021 SEA Games Group A standings, shifting the U-23 Indonesian National Team.

Just below Vietnam is the Philippines, which has four points. It is impossible for the Philippines to qualify for the 2021 SEA Games semifinals, considering that they have played all the matches.

Meanwhile, Timor Leste occupies a distended position, which has not collected a single point from three matches. Now, how do you Indonesian National Team U-23 qualify for the semifinals SEA Games 2021?

Timnas Timor Leste U-23

(Timor Leste occupies a distended position)

The U-23 Indonesian national team will automatically qualify for the semifinals if they win over Myanmar in the final group stage match. The match will take place on Sunday, 15 May 2022 at 16.00 WIB.

The following is the provisional standings for Group A men’s football at the SEA Games 2021:

1. Indonesian U-23 National Team = 6 Points (+4)

2. Myanmar U-23 National Team = 6 Points (+2)

3. Vietnam U-23 National Team = 4 Points (+3)

4. Philippine National Team U-23 = 4 Points (-1)

5. Timor Leste U-23 National Team = 0 Points (-8)

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