Stairs down despite foreign offers: – Would not move too far

The days as a top football player are numbered for Stian Semb Aasmundsen. On Thursday, he signed a two-year contract for the childhood club FK Eik Tønsberg. There he must be playing assistant coach.

– It feels very good. I’ve talked a lot about returning, and now it’s a fact. Fortunately, I still have a few years left on the field, so I hope to be able to contribute as much as possible for the team, says Aamundsen to Discovery.


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Offers from abroad

Aamundsen finished in Mjøndalen after the end of the season. However, he did not want to give up football, so he had to find a new club.

– I did not want to move too far away. When there was no more in Mjøndalen, there was something about Eik that tempted. It is a good club that has good conditions for development, says Aamundsen.

Thus, he goes from playing in the Eliteserien to the PostNord league. On the other hand, there were other offers that Aamundsen could go for.

– I had offers from clubs both in Norway and abroad. It was never something I just had to take into account in terms of finances, but several tempted sportingly. None of the deals were worth moving away for. Now I am very happy with my decision.

Must find a job

The position in Eik is only a part-time position, so Aamundsen must enter the job market in the near future.

– Now I have to get another job too. I hope to be able to use the education as a sports teacher there, so I bet that it will work out in the end, says Aamundsen.

He is taking UEFA’s B coaching course these days. The dream of becoming a coach is thus alive and well.

– I hope that you can become a coach in the future. At what level or role, however, is difficult to say. We’ll see, it’s going to be exciting.

Aasmundsen has played football at a high level in both Norway and Sweden for many years. In total, he has over 200 matches in the Elite Series for Mjøndalen and Kristiansund.


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