Stadtwerke Düsseldorf make millions in profits

Energy supplier in Düsseldorf
Stadtwerke Düsseldorf make millions in profits

Investments in the use of industrial waste heat or the new waste incineration plant are to follow. Hydrogen is also high on the priority list.

The municipal utilities presented their annual results on Wednesday and reported a “stable economic development”. In 2020, profits melted somewhat compared to the previous year, but earnings before taxes were still at 77.1 million euros (2019: 90.9 million). The municipal utilities also explain this with a “corona effect”. Nevertheless, the company performed 1.3 million euros better than planned.

“The bottom line is that we are very satisfied with the 2020 financial year,” says CFO Hans-Günther Meier. “Because we can see that we are in robust shape. We were less affected by the effects of the corona pandemic than initially expected. “

Julien Mounier, the new CEO since January of this year, is looking ahead, particularly towards the city’s climate target of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2035. “We consistently align ourselves with this,” he says.

This goes hand in hand with investments, for example in the integration of industrial waste heat into the Düsseldorf heating system and in the generation and distribution of locally generated hydrogen. Further projects are currently being “concretized”. The realignment process should be completed in October.

A total of 100 million euros are to be invested in the course of this year. A large part of these funds is to be put into the expansion of district heating, for example in Unterbilk and Friedrichstadt. Digitization is also to be promoted further. Projects include the introduction of the new CDMA450 radio technology and the installation of modern measurement systems for the supply infrastructure. The charging infrastructure for e-mobility is also to be expanded further.

Another major investment is in store for the municipal utilities with the possible new construction of the waste incineration plant in Flingern and its further development into a resource center that enables sorting and recycling. According to a feasibility study mentioned in the annual report, “it is possible to build one or two new incineration lines on the site west of the existing plant”. The tender for the general planning services has been issued, the report leaves it open as to whether a provider has been found. The new plant could go into commercial operation in 2027.


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