Spots on the legs – a symptom of coronavirus

Spots on the heels, as well as on the toes and feet in general, are one of the symptoms of coronavirus. They look like bruises and mostly affect children and adolescents. There are many cases already, but there is good news, because it is possible to identify COVID-19 at an early stage and prevent mass infection.

Spanish researchers from the Council of Orthopedists have discovered a new and rather unexpected symptom of coronavirus. About this on Tuesday, April 14, writes the New York Post. Spots on the feet (feet, heels, and toes), similar to the signs of chickenpox or measles, may indicate COVID-19.

Judging by the photo, they resemble bruises or red corns.

A new symptom of coronavirus is in no way associated with the common cold. Bruising on the heels - a warning signA new symptom of coronavirus is in no way associated with the common cold. Bruising on the heels - a warning sign

Doctors found this symptom in those infected with coronavirus in Italy, Spain and France. But to the end, the researchers are not sure – too little time has passed to reach a final conclusion. However, doctors recommend that their colleagues and ordinary people pay attention to spots on their legs as a possible early symptom of COVID-19.

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Most often, such spots appear in children and adolescents. Matsotta Troccoli, a pediatric dermatologist from Italy, said that this symptom can be found in approximately one in five patients.

If in the course of further observations it is possible to confirm that this is a clinical sign of COVID-19, then it can be used to identify children with infection in their infancy, which can infect others.

At the same time, the International Federation of Orthopedists drew attention to the case: a 13-year-old boy complained of spots on the feet. At first, the doctors thought that he was bitten by a spider, but then the teenager showed symptoms of coronavirus.

No matter how frightening the spots on the feet are, the temperature and other signs of the coronavirus, without any symptoms at all, are even worse than with them. After all, COVID-19 is rapidly progressing, and a patient who did not complain about anything can very quickly find himself in intensive care or on mechanical ventilation. In Italy, some patients with mild symptoms even die, and in a dream.

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