sports healing?

436 sports-health centers in France. They offer personalized sports courses for people with ALD, chronic diseases or those who are far from practice. A weapon against the loss of autonomy? 360,000 French people are already in the movement.

436 is the number of sports and health centers at the start of 2022, following the recognition of 151 new structures in 2021. Objective for 2022? 500! They are now present throughout the Metropolis, with an average of 4 to 5 establishments per department, and almost all of the overseas territories. Since their launch in 2019, they have supported 360,000 people who use physical activity for health purposes. Remember that, for everyone, 30 minutes of daily physical activity are recommended. The practice of a sport, even at moderate intensity, makes it possible to prevent the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle but also to fight against many chronic pathologies (obesity, arterial hypertension) and ALD (cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.).

What is a sports-health centre?

These “houses” are open to people suffering from long-term conditions or chronic illnesses, including those with persistent post-Covid-19 (long Covid) symptoms, for whom the practice of adapted physical activity is prescribed by the doctor, but also to those who, until now, were very far from sport. A few examples: many patients with diabetes or suffering from coronary disease, progressive rheumatoid arthritis, severe heart failure or even victims of a disabling stroke. They also accompany women during pregnancy or postpartum, but also people who are advancing in age in order to fight against the loss of autonomy and prevent falls. These audiences judged priority can then benefit from joint support from health and sports professionals who design a personalized program for them. Where can you find a “house” close to home? In some hospitals, sports medicine or rehabilitation centers, sports complexes, gyms, even spas and even luxury hotels like in Ouessant. An interactive map and directory are available at the link below.

A weapon against the loss of autonomy

The Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, was traveling in one of them, located in the Bligny Hospital Center (Essonne) on January 14, 2022. Specialized in the management of cardiovascular, respiratory, onco-haematological and infectious, he has been offering health tennis sessions for several years to his patients aged 18 to 88, some with disabilities. “On works on coordination or balance. Tennis combines both rehabilitation and leisure,” explains Julie, one of the physiotherapists. The establishment is also a Prescri’Forme Resource Reference Center, a prescription physical activity program in Île-de-France. Thanks to this label, he intends to continue his plans for adapted physical activity in chronic illnesses, including, in particular, the creation of a fitness area in the heart of the centre.

The Minister, who announces an increase in public funding in 2022 (4.2 million euros against 3.5 in 2021), says rejoice in this positive dynamic which contributes to recognizing sport as a real therapeutic tool, a weapon against the loss of autonomy and more generally a pillar of public health”. An agreement was signed to this effect in October 2021 with the Order of Physicians. But, beyond that, the objective is also to encourage users to enroll in a practice within clubs. To indulge in sport over time…

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