[Sport] Goalkeeper school: A specific need

The Joan of Arc symbolically launched yesterday its specific sessions for goalkeepers, supported by the Association of the School of Goalkeepers dear to Yasser Arafat-Melanie, also coach of the purple goalkeepers. “The objective is to improve the training of port guards”, explains simply Florence Mussard, technical manager of Jeanne. The flagship club of the Port does not intend to go it alone: ​​the three other neighboring entities are invited to the project, namely: RC Austral, FC Rivière-des-Galets and Juventus Academy via the EF du Port. Lorenzo Grossi, emissary of the Turin club, also attended the inauguration.
“At the start of the year, we signed an agreement with the city of Port to go to other clubs, resitates Florence Mussard. Following the established diagnosis, we see that we have to worry if we do not start to train them. The idea is to work with everyone to continue to have good goalkeepers tomorrow, especially at Jeanne. “
The Mauves’ sessions will be held every Monday, and will involve players of almost all categories, from U9s to seniors. “In training, it is true that they were on the sidelines when we took all the children together. That will no longer be the case”, welcomes the technician. Ramparts which could be inspired by their godfather, Grégory Pausé, who shines in R1 with the first team.
“They will rely on his advice, it will make them evolve quickly”, greets Florence Mussard.



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