Technology SpaceX is recruiting for its future terran space-ports floating

SpaceX is recruiting for its future terran space-ports floating


SpaceX has issued job offers to build a launch site off the coast of the united states in its rockets. A spaceport floating in the sum.

And if SpaceX were to conduct future launches of rockets from barges in mobile, off the american coasts ? It is a track that is actively investigating the american company, evidenced by employment opportunities identified by the daily Houston Chroniclebut also a published message by Elon Musk on June 16, on Twitter, giving a small glimpse of what could be done in a number of years.

SpaceX builds of the terran space-ports floating supermassive to go to Mars, the Moon, and allow travel hypersonic around the Earth “certifies the founder of the company. To a user who questioned, the person concerned adds those trips will begin of course with flights from Land to Land, that is to say, from one point to the other of the blue planet.

Testing could begin within two to three years.

SpaceX is now based on three launch sites in the United States to launch its rockets trade : the base california, Vandenberg of the US Air Force, the Kennedy space center and the launch pad of Cape Canaveral, Florida. It also operates test sites in the vicinity of Boca Chica, of McGregor, two localities in Texas and New Mexico.

SpaceX Kennedy space center
SpaceX now operates from the mainland. Here, an aerial view of the Kennedy space center. // Source : Chris Cassidy

Of the terran space-ports for floating SpaceX

The use of a spaceport floating is not devoid of interest. Such an installation removes all the take-offs and landings of any human habitation, drastically reducing the risk of falling debris in the event of an accident, the departure or the return of a rocket. It removes also the problem of noise and shock waves, nuisances which are exposed the inhabitants of Boca Chica.

On the other hand, these structures will be faced with another puzzle : the marine meteorology, that it will be important to incorporate in construction, but also in the final choice of location. The south of the east coast of the USA, for example, is notoriously known to be annually exposed to tropical storms, which sometimes give rise to cyclones violent. It is in this area that operates most of the time SpaceX, with Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy space center.

These weather events could not be esquivés by making it mobile these terran space-ports, since they float ? It remains to be seen : Futurism notes that access to these naval bases a new genus will probably be made through… the hyperloop, another ambitious project initiated by Elon Musk, and which is controlled by another company, and The Boring Company. It consists of digging tunnels to install lines of communication at very high speed. The idea there is in any case not ruled out by the person concerned.

It is necessary to imagine the character outside the norms of the project, which exists for the moment only on paper : it is as if they decided to install a launch pad similar to that of the guiana space centre on a species of offshore oil and gas platform, located off the coast of south america, miles away, and to which one gains access by TGV high-speed trains under the sea, flowing in the equivalent of The Channel tunnel, over miles and under the bottom of the sea.

A concept for a spaceport floating submitted in 2017

These terran space-ports space are not, strictly speaking, a surprise in the plans of Elon Musk and SpaceX. In 2017, a video presentation showed just images of synthesis of these trips from the Earth to the Earth. There was a concept of rocket express, the Starship, capable of reaching various locations around the world, in a record time. Starship is today in the process of being built.

In the video, the passengers, who would be of several tens to a few hundreds, depending on the final capacity of home, embark on board a ship — a solution, certainly less futuristic than the track of the hyperloop, but infinitely more simple and less costly to implement, to reach the platform take-off.

The passengers, once in the rocket, is about then to live an adventure extra-atmospheric to 27 000 km/h, while the first floor would return to Earth to prepare for a next mission, in accordance with the strategy of SpaceX to reuse as many elements as possible. The company operates already some portions of its other rocket, the Falcon 9, at the level of the cap and the propulsion.

With this maximum speed, permitted by a density of reduced air drag, no destination does not take more than an hour to be joined by : New York – Shanghai in 40 minutes, from New York to Paris in half an hour, Hong Kong and Singapore in a little over 20 minutes, or even Los Angeles to Toronto in near minutes. In aircraft, there may be ten to twelve hours of flying to go, for example, from Paris to Tokyo.

Photo credit of the a : SpaceX

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