South-Aveyron: Alain Vernier plays his last card for the median hospital in Beaumescure

Retired doctors continue to want the future median hospital in Beaumescure.

The defenders of the Beaumescure site have chosen the town hall of Roquefort to argue and highlight the advantages of this place for the establishment of the future median hospital. Doctors Vernier, Arnould, Sirgue and Rousset took turns speaking to support their point of view. It is summarized in a document signed by the four speakers and doctors Michelutti and Gros, absent for this press point.

The Beaumescure website “has obtained the support of the two presidents of the medical commissions of the hospitals of Saint-Affrique and Millau, of 45 liberal doctors and the mayors of the communities of municipalities of Belmont, Saint-Affrique, Cornus and Séverac-d’Aveyron”, do they introduce. For Alain Vernier, “the linchpin of the project”, the choice of the site must “respond to the general interest as opposed to a choice of electoral interest which would be doomed to failure”. The former anesthesiologist took the example of the concentration of surgery on Millau “which resulted in a fiasco with a leak rate of 46% and a deficit of 69 million euros because 48,000 inhabitants around Millau are insufficient to support a hospital”.

The group believes that “to hope to attract good young doctors to permanent positions, the 75,000 inhabitants of South Aveyron are barely enough”. Practitioners, mostly retired, “wish to be four per specialty and the medical shortage requires them to be satisfied”, which would require a pool of 180,000 inhabitants. Hence the necessity “a well-located hospital to recruit the 75,000 inhabitants and easy access to the Montpellier University Hospital to complete the positions”. After having put forward these two criteria, the speaker estimated, chronometer in support, that the establishment in Beaumescure would allow accessibility to the greatest number with in particular, for the Millavois, the possible use of the Viaduct.

Jean-François Rousset, also representative of the Republic on the move in Aveyron, subsequently indicated that a file in favor of this site had been sent to the Prime Minister. He mentioned the architectural problem: “The new architecture in vogue for hospitals was rather suburban and it needed the surface present on the Beaumescure site, which was not the case for the other sites.” Bernard Arnould for his part insisted on the fact that “the choice of site is important for community medicine”. And to continue: “City doctor and quality care center are linked. Territorial equity should not be confused with immediate proximity.”

In conclusion, Bernard Sirgue, Mayor of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon specified that “unlike a retirement home, the median hospital is an attractive center of life which could have an impact on the installation of new residents”. To his eyes, “Beaumescure is the most median site, in fact the most attractive, it is also the one that brings together all the interests of South Aveyron”.

A decision at the start of the year

At the end of the year, when the validation of the median hospital project was recorded, the question of the location had still not been decided. The audit commissioned by the mayor of Millau, Emmanuelle Gazel showed that it was not possible to install it on the Puits-de-Calès site. The latter also revealed that three places were under study: Luzençon, Vergonhac and Beaumescure. A response is expected by the end of January or the beginning of February, the elected officials had indicated.

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