Sport Source: payment system "Magnitogorsk" — 762 million rubles. The...

Source: payment system “Magnitogorsk” — 762 million rubles. The most expensive player — the carpenters


Source: payment system “Magnitogorsk” — 762 million rubles. The most expensive player — the carpenters

June 23, 2020, 09:46


“Sports Business Online,” disclosed payroll of Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist”, citing data on the salary of hockey players. The total payroll of the club is 762 million rubles for the size of the ceiling in the NHL in 900 million roubles.

The highest-paid player of the club is striker Sergey Plotnikov. The player salary is 75 million rubles a year. In second place on the list of most paid players — goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkinhis salary is 60 million rubles per year.

Goalkeepers: Vasily Koshechkin (60 million), Juho of Olkinuora (45 million);

Defence: Egor Yakovlev (55 million), Mikhail Pashnin (45 million), Yegor Martynov (30 million), Artem Deputy (25 million), Gregory drones (25 million), Nikita Khlystov (20 million), Artem Mikulin (10 million);

Forwards: Sergei Plotnikov (75 million), Nikolay Kulemin (55 million), Taylor Beck (55 million), Sergei mozyakin (50 million), Juho Lammikko (47 million), Andrew Nestrasil, Harri Pesonen (both at 40 million), Maxim Karpov (30 million), Arkhip of Nikolenko (20 million), Bogdan Potekhin, Igor Shvyrev (both at 15 million).

Note that players under 21 are not included in the hard salary cap. The contract with forward Nikolai Prokhorkina at the moment is not enclosed.

Source: payment system “AK Bars” — 865 million rubles. The most expensive player Azevedo


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