Technology Sony unveils "DualSense", the new wireless game controller for...

Sony unveils “DualSense”, the new wireless game controller for the PlayStation 5


“White. All good films start with a white background. ” – This sentence is not from me, but from LEGO Batman. And white is also the new PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense, which Sony unveiled a few moments ago.

No dual shock 5. Of the PlayStation 5 Controller is no longer part of the dual shock number sequence, but is called “DualSense”. But not only the name is new, also the look. The DualSense is the largest new development since the original DualShock controller.

The basic form seems familiar to us, the buttons and the two sticks are where you would have expected them to be. But there is a much larger trackpad and a new, two-tone look that looks “strange”.

Opinions differ on the official PlayStation Blog. From “take my money” to “pretty” to “ugly” all opinions are represented. Instead of the large, bright LED strip on the back, two smaller strips are used on the left and right of the touchpad, which give the design a somewhat futuristic touch. A dream in white?

PS5 controller is said to “captivate the senses”, according to Sony

The modified housing should be the biggest plus of the new DualSense, especially for particularly large or small hands. Of the DualShock 4Controller caused pain and cramps during long games. There are also some changes under the cover: The Rumble motors have been replaced by a much more precise haptic feedback, so-called “adaptive triggers”, as the patent reports promised a few months ago.

Hideaki Nishino in the PlayStation blog-Post:

“For this reason, we have introduced haptic feedback that creates a variety of strong sensations that you will feel when playing, e.g. B. the slow roughness when driving through mud. We also integrated adaptive triggers into DualSense’s L2 and R2 buttons so you can really feel the tension of your actions, like drawing an arc to shoot an arrow. ”

PlayStation 5 controller “DualSense”

PS5 Controller: No more “Share” button, but a “Create” button

An extremely popular feature of the DualShock 4-Controllers, the “Share” button, is history. In its place there is the “Create” button, with which you can loudly Sony “New ways to create and share content”. Sony would like to reveal further details on the exact function in the future.

Of the DualSense-Controller has a built-in microphone, so you can play with your friends without a headset. Do your roommates want that too? However, Sony recommends a headset for longer sessions.

The USB-C port is not yet confirmed, but is visible in the pictures.

PlayStation 5 controller “DualSense”

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, also finds a few words about the new PS5 controller:

“DualSense represents a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and shows how much we are interested in a generation leap with the PS5. The new controller, along with the many innovative features in PS5, will be transformative for games and continue our mission at PlayStation to push the boundaries of the game now and in the future. […] We look forward to releasing more information about PS5, including the console design, in the coming months. ”

The PlayStation 5 will appear at Christmas time 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic for Sony “has no significant impact on PS5 launch”. You only got a few days ago The Last of Us 2 for the PS4 postponedafter talking about “logistical problems” due to the Covid 19 outbreak. It is questionable whether a digital version will appear earlier, as Naughty Dog thinks. The design of the console is ours Sony Incidentally, has so far remained guilty. The fans are already creating renderings and graphics themselves your idea of ​​a PlayStation 5.

How do you like the DualSense controller? Tell us in the comments!


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