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Sony shows DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 – Gaming – News


Sony has unveiled the controller for the PlayStation 5, after the company previously released a lot of information about it. Sony calls its new controller with adaptive triggers DualSense, thus ending the DualShock series.

The design of the DualSense controller is final and Sony has started sending the first copies to developers. Sony says it has retained many features of the DualShock 4 controller, while the design has been modified and functionality has been added.

Sony made at the end of last year many details known of the new controllerbut no pictures were shown yet. In the announcement, Sony now repeats the aforementioned details. For example, the manufacturer goes into the addition of haptic feedback, which should provide more ‘feeling’ in games. Both handles of the controller have an electromagnetic actuator that can be accurately programmed. As a result, it should be felt, for example, on what kind of surface a car drives in a racing game, says Sony.

Sony DualSense

Also has the DualSense controller adaptive triggers. The L2 and R2 buttons have resistance that can adapt to situations in games. For example, when shooting with a bow and arrow, players can feel the tension of the bow. In shooting games, pulling the trigger on different weapons should also feel different.

According to Sony, the design of the controller had to be adjusted to accommodate those adaptive triggers. Sony has also made adjustments to the handle. The DualSense controller contains multiple microphones, so players can talk to other players without a headset.

The Share button has disappeared, but the functionality remains. The DualSense controller gets a Create button, which according to Sony builds on the Share button. The manufacturer will announce details about this later. Sony says the DualSense controller has been tested by many gamers, with big and small hands.

Sony now has the technical details of the PlayStation 5 revealed and the DualSense controller shown. The console itself has not yet been shown. Sony says it will release more details in the coming months and also show the design. The new console will be released during the holiday season at the end of this year, as will the Xbox Series X.


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