Sonos Arc, Beam and Playbar get DTS sound

Sonos sound boards support a number of popular Dolby audio formats. Support for DTS audio (widely used on DVD, Blu-ray etc.), on the other hand, has shone with its absence for a long time. But this will be the final arrangement now! The Sonos S2 app gets an important update that is rolled out today, and one of the news is just decoding of DTS Digital Surround. The more modern DTS-HD and DTS: X formats, however, are not mentioned.

Sonos products get DTS sound

The update applies to the Sonos Arc, Beam (Gen 2), Beam (Gen 1), PlayBar, PlayBase and Amp running on the S2 platform. You will then see a confirmation DTS symbol in the Sonos app when content is streamed with DTS Digital Surround.

In addition to the DTS update, the Roam and Move portable speakers get a new battery saving mode. When this setting is turned on in the Sonos app, the portable speaker will automatically turn off completely after 30 minutes of inactivity. Then Move will reportedly hold the battery for up to 30 days, while Roam will hold the battery for up to 70 days. When Battery saving is activated, the speakers must be turned on physically with the “on” button.

EQ settings are another novelty: Apple iOS users streaming music will now be able to adjust treble, bass and loudness directly via the Now Playing screen in the Sonos app. This feature will be available to Android users at a later date.

Sonos users can find the update inside the Sonos app (Settings> System> System Updates> Check for Updates).

Sonos also mentions that support for Dolby Atmos Music and Amazon Music Ultra HD is just around the corner.

Source: Sonos press release

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