Someone is creating a cool first-person Pokemon shooter

A developer has done something that very few would dare to do: a game where you have to hunt pokemon. Although the idea sounds great, believe me it’s kind of strange to see an armed player walking around the Safari area of the game. Well, an independent developer has made this a reality, a shooter where the objective is to eliminate the Pokémon in the area.

Shared on social networks by the independent developer @Dragon_GameDev2, the boy has done something that very few had thought: Create a shooter based on the Pokémon world. The boy shows us a video walking through an area in the style of the Zona Safari de Pokémon. What follows after this has upset millions.

The guy shows a short video with the description: “Last month I started working on the development of a Pokémon first-person shooter”. The idea sounds great, the problem comes when the video starts with a shot at Nidoqueen. The Pokémon falls to the ground after being shot, as if that weren’t enough, the video continues with the player shooting more Pokémon.

Although the idea seems good for some of the users who have watched the video, others have been in charge of overwhelming the boy with comments of hate and repulsion towards his creation. It seems that people prefer to hit Pokémon with a sphere; than shoot them with a gun to the head.

The guy hasn’t said anything about a possible release date for this Pokemon game, but it may never come, especially now that thousands have watched (and shared) the video to Nintendo. It is only a matter of time before we see the appearance of a new demand by the great ‘N’.

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