Health Some human brain tissue contain traces of Neanderthal DNA

Some human brain tissue contain traces of Neanderthal DNA


Neanderthals mixed with human, but after they were extinct, lived their DNA in a large proportion of the human population.
A new study shows that in laboratory-grown parts of the brain of the Neanderthal DNA that could be used in future studies to learn more about the ancient people and their influence on the mankind fabric.
Scientists are already beginning to make Connections between the Neanderthal DNA and certain human characteristics, such as hair and skin color to produce.

We humans like to think that we are the Crème de la Crème when it comes to the animal life on earth, but the truth is that we are all a bunch of mutts. Many of our ancient ancestors mixed with Neanderthals, and the telltale signs of this “mixing” are still in our DNA. We didn’t know that many people had until around a decade ago, a genetic Neanderthal Code in your body, but new research will help to examine the effects of this DNA in our body.

A new study published in Stem Cell Reports, goes a step further by breeds in fact, human brain tissue, and then to Neanderthal DNA searches. As it turns out, traces have been waiting for early human-Neanderthal interactions are all the time discovered.

For the study, which was conducted in Basel by J. Gray Camp from the Max-Planck-Institute for evolutionary anthropology and the University, were the stem cells of a European Biobank, which is known as Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative, short HipSci,. The people who have submitted their genetic Material for the program, mostly in the UK and Northern Europe, from which scientists already know that they have a high density of people, the traces of their Neanderthal-preserving the past.

Using the stem cell material, the researchers built tiny pieces of brain tissue, called Organoids. The tissue is of human origin, but still contains up to 4% Neanderthal DNA. This may not seem like much, but when you combine those small percentage of each and every individual, you finally achieve a point where you can work a much larger percentage of Neanderthal genes with them.

The brain pieces were grown in a dish, but the DNA they contain, could in future have a real impact. To understand how the Neanderthal DNA has human Evolution shaped, could explain the origins of things such as hair and skin color and more about teach how Neanderthals lived. The structure of organo-halides with Neanderthal DNA could provide information on the health, nutrition, and even the cognitive abilities of old people.

“This is a Proof-of-Principal study shows that you can use these resources to investigate the activity of the Neandertal DNA in the process of development,” said Camp in a statement. “The real challenge will be to increase the number of rows in an Experiment, but this is already possible. “

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