Technology Soccer, FIFA 21 will appear on the 9th of...

Soccer, FIFA 21 will appear on the 9th of October and is NOW


The football game FIFA of 21, will appear on October 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and pc, it allows the developer EA Sports, on Friday well-known.

Players FIFA of 21, for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, buy it, you may download an update if they are on their console to upgrade. The date of issue of the FIFA of 21, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox for Series X is not yet announced, but it will probably be later this year.

EA Sports has not seen a trailer with gameplay released. However, the developer images of the new game – featuring, among others, Virgil van Dijk and the stadium is in FIFA of 21, and the images of the Madden NFL 21the American footballgame of the SERVICE.

The developer wants to be in the new edition of the stadiongevoel, including stadiongeluid has to make.



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