News so the surgeons put it reimpiantano in Padua

so the surgeons put it reimpiantano in Padua


It has been performed with success by the health of the hospital of Padova a very delicate surgery to replant the right hand to a pensioner of 64 years. The amputation of the hand was done in one afternoon at the end of April, during the emergency coronavirus, while the man used a log splitter. The delicate operation involved two specialised teams of the Operative Unit of Plastic Surgery, together with a multidisciplinary team. Relief by acquaintances, the man is left shiny and has reached the first aid station of Mirano (province of Venice) with their own means of transport, carrying with it the hand severed at the level of the forearm.

Once stabilized the bleeding, and after you start the diagnostic procedures to exclude the positivity of the coronavirus, the medical staff has placed the hand in a sterile container with ice and transferred immediately to the patient in the ambulance to the Plastic Surgery of the Azienda ospedaliera of Padua, to try and replanting within six hours of injury: this is the so-called critical time of ischemia beyond which the chances of success will reduce dramatically increasing the risk of life of the patient.

The complicated surgery involved the use of two orthopedic surgeons, five plastic surgeons, reconstructive, three anesthesiologists and six nurses. The operation began at 18:30, just over three hours from amputation, and ended at 1:20. The patient has maintained the vitality of the hand, with the gradual mobilization of the active fingers, and was discharged after six days of hospitalization in good clinical condition and able to move independently of the fingers. And so, after a period of rehabilitation assisted, fifty days after the operation, the doctors have dissolved the prognosis and suggest that the man to perform, in the space of a few months, normal activities manual. The complete regeneration of the neuromuscular will be reached in eighteen months.

In the photo below, the team of health of Plastic Surgery at the hospital of Padua

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