Slavi’s MP is preparing a spectacular scandal in the parliament

Prof. Andrey Chorbanov

Prof. Andrey Chorbanov will enter without a certificate despite the decision of the other MPs. But he has a document

The MP from “There is such a people” Prof. Andrey Chorbanov intends to cause a scandal by entering the National Assembly without a green certificate. He announced this intention on Nova TV. And he tried to back up his words that Omicron tramples the vaccinated like a pig through alfalfa, in his colorful expression from Friday.

On Friday, lawmakers decided to enter parliament only with a green certificate or after a negative antigen test for kovid, which lawmakers will pay for themselves. “There are such people” and “Vazrazhdane” did not support the decision.

Professor Chorbanov has a green certificate, but will not show it at the entrance to the National Assembly.

“I want to see how and by whom I will be stopped from entering the parliament. Consideration of the topic of the green certificate for the parliament was not related to legality. According to the rules of the National Assembly, every member of parliament must attend the meetings “We are against the green certificate for anywhere. We do not think it is effective. People with certificates can infect other people,” said Chorbanov, a medical immunologist.

Not the virus, but our health system is the cause of high mortality among those infected with COVID-19 in our country, added Chorbanov.

To the questions of the presenter Marina Tsekova, he repeatedly answered that he was behind what he said, that omicron gasses the vaccinated as a pig passes through alfalfa.


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