Skyscraper San Francisco lost 7.6 centimeters last year

The Millennium Tower, a nearly 200-meter-tall skyscraper in San Francisco, is rapidly becoming unbalanced. Last year, the tower leaned 7.6 centimeters, calculated the engineer responsible for restoring the tower, Ron Hamburger.

The nearly 200-meter high tower was out of alignment from the start. A few years after its completion in 2009, the tower already sloped 40 centimeters. He had also sunk 46 centimeters into the ground by then.

The tower may soon hang so skewed that residents will no longer be able to live in it, Hamburger warns. If nothing is done, in a few years the elevators and sewers will stop working. Now the tower is still safe, says Hamburger to CNN.

The engineer expects it to stay that way as his team is installing new support posts. He wants to be ready in September.

Millions of dollars for housing

The recovery project will cost approximately $100 million (€87 million), and is the result of years of lawsuits filed by residents. The skyscraper has 58 floors and has several hundred luxury apartments. The residents have often paid millions of dollars for their homes.

Experts believe that nearby construction projects are the cause of the subsidence.

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