News Skoda Octavia Tour - peppy 10-year tank

Skoda Octavia Tour – peppy 10-year tank


In the secondary market there are not many of them.

The first-generation Skoda Octavia turned out to be so good that when the time came for the next generation of Czech liftbacks to be released in 2004, the Tour label was put on the old Octavia, continuing to produce the car as if nothing had happened. This once again testifies to the phenomenal reliability and serious love of the people for this car, since in most cases dorestyling models are completely removed from production.

For Russia, the Skoda Octavia Tour was offered in liftback and station wagon bodies, however, “wagons” at all times were much less popular among Russians. Despite the fact that the appearance of the car by 2020 already does not pretend to be anything, the exterior of the Czech cannot be called obsolete – nevertheless, classic smooth lines without unnecessary frills do not go out of the car fashion trends.

It is worth saying that around the Skoda Octavia Tour there are a sufficient number of “myths” that are easily refuted. The first of them – a huge supply of free space – is not confirmed in any way, since the car is not built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Passat. However, three middle-class passengers in the back row will be comfortable, although they will have to do without frills.

Among the list of claims against the Skoda Octavia Tour, allegedly “substandard” trim materials also stand out. But it seems so only to those who have never sat behind the wheel of a 10-year-old Czech “tank”. The materials look simple, but to the touch – soft where necessary. No extraneous creaks, unexpected “crickets” and other attributes of a low-quality car.

The main problem of the Skoda Octavia Tour is not in the engines, suspension or interior. The problem is that on the “secondary” to find a decent version of the “Czech” is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. The abundance of offers should not deceive the buyer – in most cases they try to sell the “killed” Octavia, which is more expensive to take. However, if you manage to pick up the “Octavia” in perfect condition, forget it will not work.

Alexey Lopatin

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