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Six new cases rising to 16 the number of infected by coronavirus in Asturias | SER Gijón | Today Gijón


Asturias raises to 16 the number of people affected by the coronavirus in the region. The last six cases have their origin in the college Foundation Masaveu in Oviedo and are related to the professor who gave positive in the tests. The education center had decided to suspend classes for Tuesday after hearing of the first case and waiting for the results of a possible chain of transmission. The Concierge will give more details this Tuesday.

The tenth positive it was a considerate person close contact, that is to say, close to one of the infected and was being subjected to surveillance. To this we must add the well-known on the Sunday night; a man of 54 years, neighbor of Avilés that remains isolated in your residence after that ensure that had fever and intense headache.

The Saturday night confirmed a man of 56 years is included in the follow-up protocol for being a casual contact with the first person affected by the disease in the Asturias, the chilean writer now based in Gijón, Luis Sepúlveda. The man expressed mild symptoms and, when being watched as a contact low risk-a previous case, this triggered the collection of samples that were positive. Since then it is located in isolation in their domicile and in such good condition.

With regard to the clinical situation of those affected, seven of the eight cases presented mild symptoms of the disease and all are found in isolation and evolve favorably. In the case of the first positive, the man of 70 years, it remains stable within the gravity as in previous days.

The Virology Laboratory of the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), who has completed 171 trials for suspected infection. Health authorities remind us that the people who have traveled to areas considered at risk (China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Iran and the Italian regions of Lombardy,Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont) and that exhibit the symptoms of cough, fever, or difficulty breathing it is necessary that you get in touch with the 112 where they will be given adequate information on the actions to be taken. The 112 addressed this Saturday, 206 phone calls related to the new coronavirus.

The health authorities insist that the most effective measure to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses, including the novel coronavirus, is the frequent washing of hands with soap and wateras well as utilizing the flexure of the elbow or a tissue of a single use for coughing or sneezing. The department of Health is kept in permanent contact with the Ministry of Health for adopting the necessary measures and coordinate all the actions of control and prevention.


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