Singer Do: ‘You don’t understand it at all, John de Mol!’ | Stars

entertainment">Don’t beat around the bush. The Brabant singer, who herself was never involved in The Voice of Holland, De Mol’s statement is difficult to stomach. She addresses the media mogul personally on Instagram.

entertainment">“Dear John, I understand that you are completely confused and shaken up. All of us. It is not wrong with the accusations flying over the table. But honesty compels me to say: you don’t understand it at all! Your own brother-in-law (former band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, ed.), did not have a dominant position in your eyes… come on! Everyone has known for twenty years (!) that he shoots dirty texts like confetti into the air and, if given the chance, goes much further. After his first mistake, action should have been taken. You don’t give a sex offender carte blanche!”


entertainment">Do says that she herself has been ‘a number of times a victim of transgressive behaviour’. “But luckily I’ve been man enough to resist it. Apparently I come from a generation that has grown elephant skin. It’s sickening that candidates, who imagine themselves in a familiar environment, are so abused by a bunch of power abusing bums who can’t keep their feet off others. Shame on you when you tell victims to sound the alarm! (…) It has not gone unnoticed. It is simply tolerated!”

entertainment">Talpa employees placed a full-page advertisement in the . on Thursday AD to address John de Mol about his performance and statement in the program Boos. They clearly do not agree with the statements their boss made during the conversation about the abuses at The Voice of Holland. Their message: “Dear John, it’s not the women. Greetings, the women of your company.”

‘Kind of shame’

entertainment">In the conversation with Hofman, De Mol further stated that he was not aware “that there are so many stories about transgressive behavior in The Voice of Holland have remained unknown for so long”. “Women apparently have a kind of shame, I don’t know what it is, but I would like to delve into it,” says De Mol.

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