Singer Adele tearfully announces postponement of her Las Vegas concert series

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Because of the Covid, the artist and his team were unable to finalize the show in time.

“I’m sorry but the show is not ready. » It is in tears that British singer Adele announced Thursday the indefinite postponement of her series of residency shows in Las Vegas, while the coronavirus decimates her team on the eve of the first performance. Last November, shortly after the release of his fourth studio album 30, the star had revealed that she would perform every weekend for twelve weeks from January 21 in Las Vegas.

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“We tried absolutely everything we could to get everything ready on time (…) but we were overwhelmed by delivery times and the Covid”, laments Adele in a video posted on her Instagram account and on Facebook.

“Half of my team is (sick) from the Covid and it was impossible to finalize the show. I’m disgusted”, continues the singer, once again apologizing to “everyone who made the trip” to attend the show, planned in the room of the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace hotel. “We will reschedule all the dates, we are taking care of it”, promises the 33-year-old artist.

Many comments – both anonymous and personalities – quickly followed to support the singer. “Be kind to yourself, it’s bigger than all of us”, “Be gentle with yourself, Adele. Your health and safety, and that of your team, is very important. Everything will be alright. Your beloved fans will understand and support you”, can we read in particular.

The title of the album, 30, is a reference to Adele’s age when she started it three years ago, when her life was all torment, between her divorce and the abrupt end to her career. The Londoner exiled in Los Angeles spoke at length in the magazine Vogue to say how cathartic this very personal record was.

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