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Despite the explosive increase in infection, the number of corona patients has decreased. But FHI chief Camilla Stoltenberg sees signs that it is turning around.


FHI reports an increase in the number of patients admitted with corona as the main reason this week.

– There has been a decline for several weeks, so we see this week that there has been some increase. About 30 percent more have been admitted so far this week than at the same time last week, says Camilla Stoltenberg to VGTV.

They have warned that the increased infection and the omikron wave could put a greater strain on hospitals, even though omikron is a milder variant.

– The big question now, is probably if or when the admission numbers start to rise. When do you possibly expect the number to be admitted with corona as the primary cause possibly increasing?

– We have seen that it has increased in the last week, from 34 new with corona as the main reason last week, to Thursday last week, and 44 now. Saw a 30 percent increase this week. So there are signs that it has already turned around and that it is increasing relatively quickly, but from a low level, says the head of the NIPH.

Here you can see how it has gone down week after week – and that there are 44 so far this week:

This shows new hospital admissions with covid as the main reason.

Overall, the number of inpatients has decreased week after week. FHI, however, saw a difference according to the week:

  • The number of inpatients who are infected, but who have one other main cause of hospitalization than corona, increases.
  • But at the same time they saw that the number of admissions with corona as the main cause continued to decline. But here they see signs that it is turning – and an increase.

Last week, 51 percent of those admitted to corona had the main reason for admission:

– Do you expect it to continue to increase or will it flatten out?

– We expect that it will continue to increase until the peak of infection is reached and then still a few weeks after that, so are some of the most important goals we are monitoring. In addition to monitoring new inpatients with covid as the main reason, we also monitor whether these become so seriously ill that they have to stay for a long time, as long as coronavirus infection must have done before, says Stoltenberg.

– These goals will be extremely important to follow now, every single day ahead, she says.

If we look at how many corona inlays there are right now (inlaid both before and with the corona), it looks like this:

FHI still expects the peak of infection to be reached at the turn of the month January / February.

– So in a relatively short time, a week or two. This is close, says Stoltenberg, but points out that they are now working with updated estimates.

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