News Siemens: Why a stop to protest would affect Bosch

Siemens: Why a stop to protest would affect Bosch


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Why suddenly another group comes into the focus of the Siemens boycott

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Siemens maintains coal mine order in Australia

Despite protests from climate protectionists, Siemens maintains an important supply for a controversial coal mine in Australia. Climate activist Luisa Neubauer speaks of an “inexcusable mistake”.

Environmentalists no longer want to buy branded household appliances because of Siemens’ participation in the Adani coal mine in Australia. What most people don’t know is that they won’t hit the Dax company at all.

KSiemens had also announced that it would hold on to the delivery of train signaling technology for a huge Australian coal mine, environmentalists announced their protest not only on the street, but also by changing their buying behavior. “No from now on Siemens more ”- that was the sound of some messages that were spread via social media and short messages.

But what is largely unknown to the public: Siemens home appliances no longer belong to the family Siemens, but since 2015 completely to the Bosch Group. So if you no longer buy a Siemens refrigerator, you will not reduce sales and returns from Siemens, but from Bosch. The Stuttgart group, however, has to pay license fees for the use of the brand.

The large home appliance supplier BSH belonging to Bosch, whose abbreviation previously stood for Bosch-Siemens home appliances, is still relaxed. “The current protests are directed against a project by Siemens AG, We therefore do not assume that this will lead to negative consequences in the home appliance business of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, ”says WELT’s request. Maybe there is also a lot of hope in it.

Consequences from a refusal to buy Siemens home appliances by environmentalists would not show up in the short term anyway. “So far we have no knowledge of protests against BSH sales areas or shops with the Siemens logo,” less than 24 hours after the announcement of Siemens about the further participation in the project of the Indian Adani group in the Australian mega-coal mining project. Therefore, “no awareness-raising campaigns are currently planned,” it says on request. So initially there will be no ads analogous to the statement “If you don’t buy a Siemens washing machine, you will meet the wrong person”.

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For the climate protection initiative FFF, Fridays for Future, which is supported by student protests, it is hardly possible for Siemens to change consumer behavior to meet immediately, Step by step, Siemens boss Joe Kaeser has decoupled the technology group from the ordinary consumer business and silvered this business.

No more own cell phone business, no more lighting technology through the Ex-Siemens participation Osram, no household appliances. Obviously, this has not yet reached many consumers. Household appliance customers also call the technology group, and on the Siemens website there is a covert redirect on the keyword home appliances.

The exit from the household appliance business and thus from the 50:50 joint venture with Bosch brought in at least three billion euros to the Siemens cash register. It was a separation in 2015 after 47 years, shortly before the “golden wedding”, and it also secured the Siemens shareholders their dividend. How exact the share of the Siemens brand in total BSH sales of 13.4 billion euros (2018) is not revealed. It is known that the Bosch brand has a particularly good reputation in the USA, while the Siemens brand scores in Asia.



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