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Siegmund Gruber on the opposition: “We have a duty of care”

  • Gruber: “We are committed to do the best possible damage by the Association to avert”
  • Gruber: “Such judgments are usually like a maximum for the next season”
  • Gruber on the final results: “This has to do with Corona’s nothing to”
  • Hans Krankl: “It is one thing to decide should be equal, and thus should be done”

LASK-President Siegmund Gruber said in the halftime Interview of the game LASK – SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz at Sky and Sky X to the appeal against the judgment.

Siegmund Gruber (President LASK) in the mid-term break:
…about what to expect from the opposition: “What we hope as this is, I believe, is now the topic that we discuss today. Here we have very clear our way and that is why we have made this appeal. And for all those who explain to me that it is impossible to perceive an Appeal, or can, or any penalty is to accept, I can only say: We have to even. We are committed to provide the best possible damage by the Association to avert. This is a due diligence obligation and we’ll be even.“

…whether you are position see continue in a good law: “I think this is all a theme that applies to the protest Committee and not that we should discuss this on TV here. And when we leave, too.“

…on the question of whether it is in the case of a confirmation of the first judgment in front of the neutral court of arbitration: “We will of course have to proceed so long, where we believe that we feel treated unfair or that the penalty is too high. To do this, we are required by law. We have a duty of care to the Association. Our Directors have a duty of care to the company. And if we don’t do this, then it is a misappropriation offence according to criminal law, to ensure that we have committed an administrative penalty. And it can’t be.“

…about a possible appointment of chaos with regard to international launch sites: “The need to please the Senate, and 1 ask who has made the judgment. Such judgments are usually like a maximum for the next season. Then we could have a normal Appeal, by judizieren, without that we have to justify it. And therefore I say to you, give you the of the Senate, 1 have to say at the press conference, eh, mostly, very much.“

…on the question of whether he already knows, who has hung the camera: “no!”

…on the question of whether he would like to know: “Uninteresting.”

…about whether or not he is afraid of personal sanctions: “for what reason?”

…on the demand that a Christian could contribute is an ad: “Yes, he can. I now have no fear.“

…about who was the main culprit in the whole thing: “I think the Jürgen (Werner, editor’s note.) has quite clearly said that he has had the blame put. It is to say. The Rest is in the bodies, and there we leave it.“

…on the question of whether you have a playful with the whole history of the title: “If you had five bar shots in the last Games, two penalties, which you did not get, then the Corona has nothing to do with it. (…) The performance was there, unfortunately we have not scored the goals. That’s what we did today, and today we reward ourselves for it. I can see it from this angle, not at all.“

…about the Europa League return leg against Manchester United: “I have not believed so to be honest, that we play this game still. We need to score six goals, then we are in the process (laughs).“

Hans Krankl (Sky Expert):
…on the Causa LASK and the opposition: “It is bad, but of course I understand him (Gruber, n.), that he fights for his club. (…) I think it nothing comes out. Senate 1, Senate 3400, it doesn’t matter, it will come out, I think, nothing in the. It’s an eternal back and forth. It is one thing to decide you should the same and in that should be done.“



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