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Let’s just hope that LG has a good update policyt owns. All 3.5mm jack enthusiasts should seriously consider LG, it is one of the few that sticks to the connection with their high-end phones.

It is a pity that these days the discussion must be about this …
The market is really sick nowadays: nagging about the 3.5 mm connection: the only right option is to leave it behind: you don’t notice that twenty-eight cubic millimeters in your pocket, the 18 cents extra for the manufacturer, that counts, but then how not to saddle your customer (who is king?) with the obligation to have a bluetooth set purchased (with all the disadvantages that entails: losing, charging, connection problems).
And the update policy of Android … I really do not understand that there are so few tweakers who switch to Sailfish. For years they have proven that as a small player they still manage to release updates for all current devices on a regular basis (I don’t know if there is a device that no longer receives updates).
Anyway … it remains a choice. I’ll stick with Sailfish, but with fewer apps, but decent updates, real privacy protection, no advertising in native apps (and even free) and easy root access. And on the paid versions (€ 50) you also get support for Android apps (then you give up some things, but then you can use Whatsapp).


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