‘Shop, we win’, open how to use the app ‘money bag’ get the right ‘we win’ the poor card.

February 6, 2021


Open how to use the “Money Bag” application for merchants – service providers. Get the “We Win” measure for the poor card and G-Wallet in the wallet application.

“We won” Measures from the government that have been issued to remedy the people in particularLow-income people, self-employed, farmers, paid employment, government welfare card (Poor person card) Including groups that have received the measuresHalf each orWe travel together By paying 7,000 baht, which three carsRegister we winandCheck out the rights, we win. Through the website www. we won. com

The expenditures will be used both through state welfare cards. In the group that already holds this card And spending throughApplications “Pao Tang” In which to pay withApplications “Money bag” Of various shops Which retail stores will be able to get the right measures we win Must be registered first Divided as follows

1. Restaurant General merchandise store To register at www. half each. com Or at every Krungthai Bank branch

2. Retail service businesses with establishments and can be inspected, public transport services such as taxis, motorbikes, buses Can apply for participation through www. we won. com

3. Apply to join at service points spread across the country 77 provinces, which can be searched for stores on the website. www. we won. com By selecting the desired province The system will display a list of service locations for admission. Along with specifying the district and contact phone number, which at the registration service area, in addition to accepting applications for the shop Also provides Krungthai account opening service Including help installing a money bag application And teach the use of the money bag application to receive measures, we win too

4. Apply to join the measures we win with the bank staff. At every Krungthai Bank branch While the corporate-owned bus group consists of buses (buses, minibuses, vans), electric trains (BTS, MRT, Airport Rail Link) and trains, will be operated by Krung Thai Bank.

For How to use the “money bag” application Separate to receive money from 2 forms Is

1. State Welfare Card

– go to the money bag application Choose to receive money through the project, we won.
– Click on the state welfare card
– Scan the national welfare card of the user
– Enter the amount
– Confirm payment
– Enter the poor card PIN or scan the face of the poor cardholder.
– The system will show the results of the transaction.


2. Wallet application (G-Wallet)

– go to the money bag application Choose to receive money through the project, we won.
– Select Wallet (G-Wallet)
– Enter the amount
– The system will show a QR for receiving money.


While the method of checking the receipt of money from the money bag application Able to choose to inspect both on the day that the payment is received Or you can check back By going to the money bag application By selecting the previous list And select yesterday’s payout list After that, you can choose the history of receiving money back.


Origin: www. we won. com, Ministry of Finance Fiscal Policy Office


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