Shocking! Ryan Reynolds teaches you how to make the “Vasectomy” cocktail

For Father’s Day, you have to watch Ryan Reynolds’s funny commercial featuring his gin in a cocktail called “The Vasectomy.”

Father’s Day is coming up and the actor Ryan Reynolds appears in a commercial of his ginebra Aviation American Gin in which he ironically invites you to celebrate the special date with the mother of all cocktails: Vasectomy.

The video reflects on the joys of The paternity, sleepless nights, noise and free time. The drink includes tonic water, cranberry, lemon juice and gin. Reynolds takes the step-by-step approach to making the cocktail by relating the instructions to the “satisfactions” of being a parent.

Although the actor has said a happy father of three daughters, in this commercial connects with parents who may have moments of despair or irritability Thus the cocktail has taken a name from a contraceptive method.

How the vasectomy is prepared

Fill the glass with morning ice, “in the same way that children fill their lives with so much joy.”

Add an ounce of cranberry juice, Reynolds says is “sweet, like her little smiles.”

Add three ounces of tonic water, “so bubbly, how I feel every day that I wake up after a long and full night’s sleep,” said the actor.

Now add some lemon juice, which can be fresh if you have a few minutes to squeeze one or store bought “if the little ones made you run around a bit today. The little rascals ”.

Finally, it’s time to add an ounce and a half of Aviation American Gin, which Reynolds describes as “the world’s highest-rated gin for the world’s highest-rated job: Dad.”

Stir and decorate with a little piece of sun (orange peel).

The Vasectomy kit is for sale

The kit to prepare The Vasectomy and with which stressed men can celebrate Father’s Day is on sale at Sourced Cocktails. The package costs $ 40.

The refreshing cocktail is noted to be the perfect addition to sitting on the couch, turning on the game, and disconnecting from the rest of your home (just one afternoon a year).

The package includes a 750 ml bottle of Aviation American Gin, a cocktail mixer to prepare 12 Vasectomy cocktails, 4 bottles of Fever-Tree Tonic, a jigger to help you measure each cocktail, a menu with instructions on how to mix your two cocktails and 4 branded plastic glasses.


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