Shock. They caught a unique conversation of a Russian soldier

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) intercepted a telephone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife, in which the man admitted that the Russian army was experiencing severe difficulties on Ukrainian soil, UNIAN reported.

“It’s very good to hear them admit it to themselves. Such confessions are pleasant, but they should not deceive us. The enemy is still here and wants to destroy our nation!

That is why we have only one way out – to fight to the last “, the Ukrainian service announced. The Russian army launched a full-scale military aggression against Ukraine on February 24. Heavy battles have been fought on Ukrainian soil for more than a month, and the Russian army has suffered many losses, including in manpower.

The recording shows the Russian soldier admitting to his wife that the Russian army is made up of morons and idiots. “We cannot carry out tasks against such an adversary. “Everything they said that the Ukrainian troops have equipment – really, hell, that’s right,” said the Russian serviceman. He also said that his brigade had suffered many losses.

Foreign experts believe that Ukraine has so far destroyed $ 6 billion worth of military equipment of the occupiers. According to Kyiv, so far the number of killed Russian invaders is over 17,000. The Kremlin does not disclose the actual number of killed Russian soldiers, and also prohibits the use of the word “war” in the federation, writes


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