Shiba Inu Coin: rebound after the crack

Among the, actually few, crypto that managed to bounce after the collapse of yesterday there is Shiba Inu Coin, which, although far from its highs, offers good signs of recovery.

One token which is actually in one crucial stage of his development, with a 2022 full of news that we will also go back to this in-depth analysis, also analyzing what comes from the graph.

Shiba Inu Coin bounces – but where can it get?

Bad news, if you like, for those who preach the death of $ SHIB for some time now, with many who have returned to buy in these hours. We can find $ SHIB on the eToro secure platformgo here to get the free demo account with TOP and PREMIUM features – intermediary who proposes the possibility of invest with unique fintech tools, which also allow you to invest in semi – automatic trading mode.

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The rebound of Shiba Inu Coin, some prospects

Shiba Inu Coin is among the best from the last 24 hours, with a rebound even more than 20%, ahead of even Binance Coin e Earth Moon.

With a base, however, that is shared with the other two cryptocurrencies we have mentioned: they have been among those to lose the most during the last week, thus creating the bases for a more consistent rebound than what we have seen with $ BTC e $ ETH.

A question therefore mainly technique, although in any case an excellent sign as a further descent could have meant the arrival of very big problems for the project. All this while the 2022, at least in the intentions of whom manages the project, should be the year of the introduction of several novelties.

From official game whose development has now started a few weeks ago, also passing through the DAO which will decentralize the management of the entire protocol. With some news that will also affect the other tokens of the ecosystem.

Shibarium will likely be the turning point

In the positive or, in the case of a hole in the water, in the negative. As we have said several times on the pages of, i layer 2 his Ethereum not only will they continue to be relevant, they may even achieve more.

The passage of Ethereum to a validation system PoS will not completely solve i problems that afflict him and that make him unlikely how chain of first instance for the DeFi and for Decentralized apps.

And this opens up not only to systems that already exist – and are already functioning like $MATIC – but also to those who should try to present themselves on the market, especially if with a solid community like the one below $ SHIB.

Technical analysis? Still uncertain, but …

As far as the technical analysis is concerned, we are faced with a partial inversion of the signals coming from moving averages, at least on hourly candles.

MEDIA MOBILE 10 30 50 100
Moving averages 1h on SHIB

A situation that obviously suffers from the boom had in the last 24 hours, and that makes using one of the tools preferred by technical traders rather irrelevant, at least for the next few hours.

To lead the trend so much of $ SHIB post-rebound, both in the sector of altcoin it will most likely be the general market trend. With a Sunday that opened in verde for almost all, there are several reasons for optimism.

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