She was in the trailer, not in the movie anymore. Fans are suing the studio for Anna de Armas

Conor Woulfe of Maryland and Peter Michael Rosza of California both borrowed a film from one of the online video libraries on the basis of the fact that they saw Anu de Armas in a trailer. After watching it, however, they felt greatly deceived, because her scene was cut from the final version.

They therefore joined forces to file a class action lawsuit and demand compensation for the study for five million on behalf of everyone else who felt the same way, writes Variety magazine.

“Given that consumers were promised a film with Anna de Armas in the Yesterday trailer, but did not receive the film with Anna de Armas at all, consumers received no value for their rental or purchase,” the lawsuit said.

The native of Cuba was originally cast in 2019 in the role of a potential mistress named Roxanne, with whom the main character of the film was to meet on the set of a fictional part of a talk show by James Corden. Screenwriter Richard Curtis subsequently revealed that the creators had to delete the scene because it did not appeal to the test audience.

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