She talked about missionary sickness and a friend –

Agáta Hanychová (37) became a very prominent face of Czech show business after winning the Czech Miss title in 2005. Although she did not win the competition, she managed to establish herself very quickly. With the newsroom, she recalled her rebellious beginnings, talked about her overturned “miss sickness” and also confided why she did not come to the Miss Czech Republic finals with her friend Andrej.

“I’m sorry I can’t compete again because I want to be first, but unfortunately it probably won’t work out.” confided in Agáta Hanychová smiling right at the beginning as he recalls his participation in a beauty contest.

I’ve always done everything the other way around, laughs Agatha

Although Agáta won the title of 2nd Vice Miss, she did not forget. On the contrary, thanks to her wild personality, she became one of the most famous Czech celebrities. In short, she went against the flow, even in terms of “missions of the disease”, when the young lady’s relationship breaks up after success in a beauty contest, very often because of a “better” game.

I always have it all the other way around, that’s just the way it is. I remember that the first girl won a Toyota, I got a Mercedes the next day. Paradoxically, I had a date with an NHL hockey player before I reached the final. But on the day of the final, I broke up with him and started dating a boy who didn’t even have a crown. I don’t think it’s a “miss disease”. I think men are a global problem, “says Agatha, adding that if girls want to succeed, they have to be different.

“I wish the girls weren’t the classic misses, or they’d fit in. If the girl wants to succeed, she must be different. I’ve found another way, unfortunately it still accompanies me, even though I’m not who I was. But I’m still connected to being a rebel. The girl has to find a way and be a person who isn’t in show business yet. ”

Why didn’t she come with a partner and whom she blackmailed a bit?

Agáta Hanychová at Miss Czech Republic final she shone in a green robe from Sandra Mark, in which her slender waist, but also an unmissable cleavage, stood out. Garde didn’t do it partner Andrejbut best friend. I arrived with my best friend Eliška because my boyfriend is serving. I really wanted to go, I had a beautiful dress and I didn’t have an escort. So I’m glad that Eliška came with me when I called her, she knew right away that I was bad, that I didn’t have an escort, “Agáta concluded, while her best friend reacted in a funny way: “Well, she used to blackmail me a little.”

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